YTEPP’s Retraining Department seeks to develop a cadre of potential workers trained to industry standards and adaptable to changing industry needs and the changing environment. The programme focuses on re-tooling and re-skilling unemployed, under-employed, retrenched or displaced persons between the ages 25-60 years who need to acquire a new skill or be retrained in order to enter/re-enter the job market.
YTEPP Retraining is portable, flexible and national in scope. The programme provides Technical Vocational Skills training and Life Skills training, executed from various centres in rural and urban communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Emphasis is placed on the development of positive work habits and attitudes, as well as the acquisition of entrepreneurial, interpersonal and communication skills. The courses are designed to equip persons with new and transferable skills and to develop in them, the necessary competencies required to function efficiently and effectively in the job market through wage employment or self-employment.
Class sizes range from 10 to 15 trainees so as to ensure highly individualized instruction, thereby providing ample opportunity for optimal performance. The training is largely hands-on and competence-based. Individuals experience a combination of coaching – one-on-one and group facilitation.
Training is offered at Levels 1, 2 and 3 in a wide range of occupational areas. Trainees are assessed and certified to National or Regional Occupational Standards through the Trinidad and Tobago National Vocational Qualification (TTNVQ) or the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ), issued by the National Training Agency (NTA) of Trinidad and Tobago.