Position Title:            Vocational Skills Training (VST) Tutor
Department: Youth Training
Location: Day-Time/Part-Time Centre/CBP – Region
Reports to: Centre Manager / Project Co-ordinator
Supervised by:          VST Technical Supervisor
Support Staff:
Primary Purpose:
This position delivers the Vocational Skills Curriculum at various centres and sites to ensure that trainees acquire the essential levels of occupational competency for certification (e.g. NEC, CVQ).  The incumbent will be required to participate in staff professional workshops outside normal working hours.
Regular Duties:

Prepares and delivers the Instructional/Training Plan to trainees in accordance with requirements of the Unit

Interprets and implements the Curriculum and carries out Assessment Procedures using the appropriate instruments.

Provides trainees with clear objectives, and conducts formative and summative assessments to monitor trainees’ progress providing continual feedback and implementing strategies to meet any skills/learning gaps.

Plans and develops Assessment tasks/activities using appropriate assessment methods and instruments (including oral and written tests); using approved documents and completing assessment documents for each trainee.

Guides the development of Trainees’ Portfolios, including the development of trainee reflections and provides written feedback to them (in the Portfolios) on areas of improvement.

Interacts with the Technical Supervisors and Center Managers/Project Co-ordinator and makes recommendations for the improvements in the implementation of the skill.

Communicates with Technical Supervisor on challenges faced with Curriculum, Assessments/Documentation and other training requirements and alert the Centre Manger of the said issues.

Utilizes appropriate teaching methods and prepares appropriate aids for the enhancement in the quality of the delivery of courses.

Develops and has available on site at all times, a Training Portfolio, consisting of instructional material inclusive of:

Instructional/Training Plan for the cycle

Daily lesson plans

Lesson Notes / Training Instructional Material

Copies of all Assessments given to trainees

All Assessment documents (e.g. checklists, continuous assessment, assessment packages)

Makes recommendations on the facilities/plant, materials and supplies needed for the proper execution of curriculum , ensures efficient use of same and provides feedback on any defects to the Centre Manager, Project Coordinator and Technical Supervisor

Conducts, in collaboration with the Centre Manager and Technical Supervisor an end-of-cycle inventory on tools, equipment and consumables, to identify stock levels for the preparation of procurement documents for the upcoming cycle.

Maintains records of all tools, equipment, machines and materials used for training on a daily basis, and ensures that all are returned to the relevant storage space and adequately secured at the end of each session.

Provides feedback in a timely manner of all defects in tools and equipment and other operational issues to the Centre Manager and Technical Supervisor

Records daily attendance of trainees and ensures that the phased summaries are completed in the Attendance Register.

Maintains general class discipline and follows proper disciplinary process as outlined by the organization

Ensures good housekeeping, maintaining training space with tools, equipment and materials stored in an orderly and safe manner at all times.

Demonstrates proficiency in practical skills and related knowledge, in both the workshop and classroom.

Interacts with other Tutors and collaborates in developing strategies to assist the trainees

Attends meetings, training workshops and seminars to enhance curriculum and training delivery, assessment techniques/documentation to ensure quality and consistency in delivering the curriculum

Engages in personal self-development to improve effectiveness in delivery

Reports incidents/accidents on a timely basis using the company’s procedure and forms

Ensures all documentation necessary for trainees’ certification is properly completed in a timely manner (e.g. Lesson Plan, Performance Checklist, Continuous and Final Assessment and TVETCC)


Occasional Duties:

Participates in organization events and activities (e.g. graduation, career fairs, expositions)

Conducts field trips using proper procedures

Performs related duties as may be required


EDUCATION (minimum academic requirements/technical qualifications for the position).
National Craftsman Diploma or Tradesman Certificate/Diploma in the relevant field from a recognized training institution

Relevant Technical/Vocational qualification in the skill area (at least one (1) level above the level to be taught)

Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant field an asset

Training as evidenced by an Assessor’s certificate (Caribbean Vocational Qualification, Level 4) an asset

Five (5) O’ Levels (General Proficiency) including English Language and Mathematics.


Years of Experience (minimum previous experience required for performing duties of job).
Three (3) years practical experience in the field.

Prior teaching and industry experience will be an asset


Knowledge Of:  (The technical or professional information acquired through formal  education, training or experience needed to perform the job).

The dynamics of adult learning.

Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) approach to learning.

Current vocational education practices and trends in relevant industry.

Health and Safety Requirements in a technical vocational environment in accordance to OSHA standards.

Instructional Design

Skills In: (The proficient application of knowledge and behavior in completing job tasks or duties).   

Microsoft Office Suite

Effective presentation

Classroom Management

Conflict Management & Negotiation

Interpersonal Relations

Effective Communication (oral and written)

Customer Service

Planning and Organizing

Time Management

Ability To: (Observable actions used to achieve job specific results).

 Motivate trainees

Prioritize and multi-task.

Establish and maintain effective inter-personal working relationships.

Deliver training to trainees of diverse backgrounds, age and with different educational levels.

Any relevant combination of qualification, training and experience will be considered.
WORK ENVIRONMENT (the physical environment under which the job must be performed and the extent to which conditions make the job disagreeable).
Fair working conditions with routine discomfort i.e. moderate exposure to heat, noise, air   pollution. Routine exposure to soiled material, light, chemical substance or cleaning solutions       Susceptible to minor cuts, bruises and minor burns.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS  (the physical task to perform the job environment under which the job must be performed).
Requires muscular co-ordination and sensory discrimination such as that involved in using      working materials, tools and consumables.

Please forward all CV’s to: info@ytepp.edu.tt